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A beginner's guide to Arsenal Women and the 2023/2024 season

Updated: Jan 14

Hi there. You may be new to Arsenal Women, or you may simply be looking for a recap to get you up to speed on the new season. Either way, this is the blog for you. Remember that there are no stupid questions if you're just starting your journey with Arsenal or with women's football. Everyone was new to the game at some point.

From the basics of what games you can expect the team to play, to how to book tickets and get involved in singing and socialising at games - here’s a beginner's guide to what you need to know about Arsenal Women, so you can hit the ground running.

Am I missing anything that you want to know? Let me know in the comments and I'll try to source an answer!

Arsenal Women at the UWCL semi finals

A brief intro to the team and the club

The team was founded in 1987 by the legend that is Vic Akers. During his tenure, the team won 33 major trophies.

In part thanks to his leadership, Arsenal Women is the most successful team in women’s football in England.

I’m not going to share the full history of the club - that would need to be a blog in its own right - but safe to say that we’ve won 15 league titles, 14 FA Cups, and are still the only English team to win the UEFA Women's Champions League, amongst other accolades.

The current team captain is Kim Little, midfield maestro. Her vice captain is England captain and defender Leah Williamson. The squad is managed by Jonas Eidevall.

The squad and its players are outspoken about numerous issues, from diversity to LGBTQ+ representation and inclusivity, and many dedicate their time to work in the local community.

They're passionate about playing for Arsenal and the badge, with many renewing before their contracts expired. The reason? To them, Arsenal is "family, Arsenal is"home".

All in all, it's a team worth supporting.


Before the main FAQs, a quick catch up on the season so far.

It wasn't an ideal start. Off the back of the World Cup and jumping into a qualifying tournament for the Champions League, the team were rusty, with many only having played a couple of days together, and it showed. They had no friendly game in the build up, with no time for the game plus recovery day before their first match of the season.

So, they won their first game against Linköping - but lost the next against Paris FC. On paper, we should have dominated, but it wasn't to be. No Champions League football for the team this year.

Onto the WSL (read below for more info on this!), and the team lost their opening game against Liverpool - one that anyone would have put good money on them winning. We started to climb our way back up the rankings, with a convincing 4-1 win against Chelsea towards the end of the season, bumping us up into second place! Alas, an unexpected defeat against Spurs - the first time Arsenal Women have ever lost to that team - dented our title hopes.

The team has a lot to do if it wants to defeat the likes of Chelsea and City who are convincingly in second and third with a strong goal difference advantage. But the team had a good break over the winter and a couple of friendlies under their belt. And, you know, we've got McCabe. So, we'll see what the rest of the season brings.


1. What is the Women’s Super League (WSL)?

Arsenal Women currently compete in the Women's Super League. That's the Premier League of women's football, where the top teams across England compete. Last season, we finished third in the league - and that took some doing, let me tell you (more on that in questions 6 and 9). The WSL includes 12 teams in total.

Throughout the course of the season - which runs from 1 October 2023 to 18 May 2024 - Arsenal will play each of the other teams at home (Emirates or Meadow Park) and away, at our opponent's stadium. That means a total of 22 games throughout the season.

2. What does a team need to do to win the WSL?

3. What is the UEFA Women's Champions League (UWCL)?

5. What other tournaments will Arsenal play in this season?

6. What did Arsenal win last season?

7. What about international breaks?

8. Who have we signed this season?

9. Which Arsenal players are currently out injured?

10. Where do Arsenal Women play their matches?

11. Where can you buy tickets for Arsenal Women’s games?

12. How can you watch Arsenal Women if you can't get to games?

13. Who should you follow on social media to keep up to date in women's football?

14. How can you have fun, join in with singing, and meet people at Arsenal Women’s games?

15. How can you get involved if you want to come to games on your own?

Am I missing anything? Let me know in the comments and I'll try to source an answer!

Scarf waving in the North Bank at Meadow Park

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